Why Tony Long Car Repair is the Right Choice …
1. Our garage has 6 new bays and personal, so that you, our customer can get quick, convenient service and attention to your needs.

2. When you speak with our counter person, you are (95 percent of the time) talking with the manager of the garage. You receive personable, caring service from an experienced, responsible person in charge, rather than a temporary dealership sales-advisor who usually has less motivation to see that each repair/maintenance experience is perfect for the customer.

3. Your service records and maintenance records are maintained and kept current by us, so you receive the required services to keep your car under warranty and in safe and reliable condition. And should you sell your vehicle, we can provide these records to you so you can show the purchaser how the vehicle has been maintained and thus worth more.

4. We are a completely qualified “New Car Scheduled Maintenance” garage. So you can be sure your car has been maintained to the standards required to keep your new car warranty valid.

5. We are part of the same community and neighborhood as you, and we support that community and neighborhood by “giving back” to productive causes.

6. The key to proper repairs and good service is in the people on our staff. Experience, communication and consistency are qualities that must be developed over time and as a team. Thus, we are pleased to talk about the longevity, credentials and yearly continued education our technicians and service