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Our endless variety of tres magnifique items are made possible thru the shop’s exclusive group of talented designer/dealers. This talented group shares an all-consuming passion for finding the most unique and one-of-a-kind treasures on shopping treks from Almeda to Round Top to Paris and then bringing back fabulous antique décor and statement pieces to set LaPorte apart at Vicki's Antiques on Main Street!

A very select group, our floor space dealers are designers and stylists who have all been in the business for decades. They each occupy a room or room setting which affords them the opportunity to stage these areas with large-scale pieces, luxe furnishings and chic accessories that showcases them far more dramatically than a typical mall booth. entire rooms are filled to the rafters with one of the largest collections of vintage, decorative lighting in LaPorte.


Our showcase dealers offer an immense selection of vintage and estate jewelry from all the famous designer names of the past. 20’s and 30’s engagement rings and highly sought after, Edwardian and Deco pieces; vintage Dior and Chanel, 18k gold charm bracelets, rhinestones in every imaginable setting and repurposed necklaces from brooches, charms and rosaries!



In addition, the shop is proud to feature extraordinary artists who are creative geniuses in their own right. They create, design, repurpose and hand make everything from magnificent paper and book art, unique silverware jewelry and embellished mannequins to fascinating, reclaimed wood items, unique salvaged oddities and over-the-top, restored industrial pieces. Re-inventing is the name of the game in our vintage world and these artisans have taken it to all new levels. Come in and be delighted by the sheer brilliance of their inventions and creations. Each artist features one-of-a-kind designs and works of art that are exclusive to Vignettes and won't be found anywhere else.

French décor, faded grandeur and all that is time worn is our world and what the shop is built around, accomplished by the most talented group of dealers in the business a powerful combination!




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